Few buildings capture our imagination more than #FosterandPartners' magnificent transformation of The British Museum in London. Its' stunning glass courtyard canopy towering high above its' visitors is a perfect example of new enhancing the old. A philosophy we believe in here at William Woods Interior Design.

Positioned around the cylindrical reading room, in what was once the garden when created in the mid 19th Century, it nows forms the focal point that ties the vast Museum complex together in a more useful and exciting way for the 5 million or so visitors each year.

We want in this blog to talk about the architecture that inspires us, in the hope that it may fire your imagination and encourage bold new ways of conceiving your own living space in new and exciting ways.  We're here to help you design your space, think of us as your co-designers, we stand by your side to offer guidance and experience, inspiration and a steady hand to guide you on a path toward your perfect home.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for us, with over seventy years of combined interior design experience - it's your resource. Please use it.

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