Need some home design inspiration for 2015 and beyond? Read about our picks of this year's top interior design trends and discover a wealth of ideas with excellent staying power.


2015 is set to be a promising year for interior design. Forget the contrived fads of previous years; wave goodbye to wall plaques bearing slogans, and say good riddance to the stacks of weathered books masquerading as props. This year’s home interior design trends are effective, versatile and dramatic without being overbearing – the perfect recipe for balancing eye-catching design with true staying power.


This equilibrium of subtlety and drama is vital if you want to create a memorable space without making it look as though you’ve tried too hard. Arguably, this is the very essence of luxury interior design.


Our Picks of this Year’s Home Design Trends


  1. Contemporary impressionism

Irregular patterns, watercolour washes and broad, visible ‘brushstrokes’ are perfect for counterbalancing the clean lines and muted colours of contemporary interior design, bringing fluidity, personality and artistic flair to otherwise unadorned spaces.

Try it: Introduce an element of dynamism to your interior design scheme with painterly prints on canvas, rugs and textiles.


  1. Moody blues

As colour trends go, this must be one of the most exciting – and the easiest to master – for several years. From deep, jewel shades of indigo and cobalt to deep and mysterious tones of midnight and ink, this year’s palette of choice is indulgent yet versatile.

Try it: Pair your blues with pink or grey, or set them off against white marble and mother of pearl for a Mediterranean-inspired look. Blues can hold their own against darker hues but also form a striking contrast with brighter accents. They even work well with Marsala, Pantone’s colour of the year.

  1. Mixed metals

We may have been mixing and matching metals for quite some time now, but there’s still tremendous scope for innovation. The trend for mixed metals is forecast to evolve further this year, with the orange glow of copper set to hog the limelight. Craftsmen and designers are already experimenting with a wide range of metal finishes, from polished nickel to oil-rubbed bronze.

Try it: This is one of 2015’s trickiest interior design trends to get right, but the end result certainly makes it all worthwhile. Plenty of inspiration can be found online – for example, Rachel Grace, blogger and Houzz contributor, has some great advice on mixing metals in the kitchen and bathroom.


  1. Bold geometrics

This is another home design trend that just keeps growing and growing. No longer limited to wall and floor tiles, geometrics are now dominating everything from textiles to lighting, and even rugs have adopted a tiled look.

Try it: Go one step beyond prints and tiling by sourcing furniture and light fittings with geometric frames, overlays and inlays. Blogger Margaret Ryall demonstrates this idea beautifully here.


  1. Handmade with love

Our love of all things handmade, reclaimed and recycled is forecast to continue throughout 2015 and beyond – and for good reason. Furnishings that show the hand of the creator are inherently unique, with any idiosyncrasies contributing to the charm rather than taking away from it, and imparting a warm, organic look and feel.

Try it: Visit craft fairs and seek out woven objects, hanging sculptures and handmade ceramics. Commission a craftsman to create a bespoke item of furniture to serve as a focal point in your home.


If you like what you see but would like some help recreating these interior design trends in your own home, William Woods Interior Design can help. Rather than following trends for trends’ sake, our expert designers and craftsmen will work closely with you to shape your ideas into reality, with solutions tailored to suit your interior and your personality. This enables you to create a scheme that is uniquely yours and which will truly stand the test of time.

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